Saturday 12 August 2017

KLF/K Foundation Burn a Million Quid

And for today's delectation we have a 1995 episode of BBC's Omnibus covering the KLF Foundation's burning of £1,000,000, the history around it, and some of the reactions (theirs and others) afterwards.

It's an odd little act, not particularly well remembered in the present, that occurred in an age of odd transition between the old UK and this hyper-accelerated, internationalist, post millennium age. We're four or so years from the turn of the millennium and six from September 11th, there's the occasional mobile phone shown, but desks are still predominantly covered in paperwork, and the actual act of burning is recorded on what looks like a crappy handheld VHS camera. 

I suppose that - today - the entire thing would be live streamed on Youtube or Twitch and Drummond and Cauty would spend months being torn apart online rather than their historic  slide into obscurity.

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