Saturday 21 October 2017

Hidden Overlords


I have a theory. One I think needs to get out of there before I'm silenced. One that will change how you look at things, one that will change the world.

And what would this theory be?

Japan is under occupation from a race of vending machine shaped aliens. 

They're in the cities.

They're in the towns.

They're in the countryside. 

Ever watching of the people, ever ready to pounce should those under their yoke look at alternative purchasing options. 

And I fear. I fear that they're poised to push out and begin their conquest of the world. To march forth on their stubby little legs, their low centre of gravity rendering them impervious to all but the harshest self defence measures. Watch as our lives carelessly drop from the highest spiral, only to be unceremoniously wedged slightly above the goods retrieval door.  See our currencies separated into those that pass their coin sorting devices and those left to rattle into the rejected coin tray of doom. 

Do not ask what happens to those poor, unfortunate coins rejected by our new overlords. It doesn't bare thinking about.

This is our dark future - one world, crushed under vend.

Know you're enemy. They are coming...

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